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The Change Seeker

Cell Health

Biomarker Assessments test your blood for food sensitivities, micronutrient levels, and body’s resilience to stressors. NAD+ IV Drip Therapy may help boost cellular health, repair damage and protect from the inside out.
• Biomarker Assessments ($275-$500)
• NAD+ IV Drip Therapy ($420-$625)



Infrared Sauna may help the body detoxify heavy metals and improve circulation and cardiovascular health. Compression may help the body boost metabolic rate and improve lymphatic function.
• Compression ($25-$45)
• IR Sauna ($25-$65)

Hydrate + Nourish

IV Drip Therapy ingredients may help the body replenish vital nutrients, hydrate and cleanse. Intramuscular (IM) Shot ingredients may help the body energize, revitalize and boost natural defense systems.
• IV Drip Therapy ($100-$300)
• IM Shots ($25-$35)


'Tis The Season To Feel Your Best

We look forward to helping you on your whole body wellness journey. We know that when you maximize wellness, you will look and feel your best. We’re here to understand you and how to help you feel your best in mind, body, and soul. Medical services available to clients of Restore are provided by a physician-owned professional corporation.

Please note that a number of our services and products are not evaluated and/or approved by the FDA and those services and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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