PBM Therapy Restore Hyper-wellness

Review of transcranial photobiomodulation for major depressive disorder: targeting brain metabolism, inflammation, oxidative stress, and neurogenesis

“Two case reports in patients with TBI suggested that transcranial PBM improved sustained attention, memory, and executive functions. … PBM increases neurotrophins, neurogenesis, synaptogenesis, and ATP, while it reduces inflammation, apoptosis, and oxidative stress. … Based on the data collected to date, PBM appears to be a promising treatment for depression that is safe and well-tolerated.…

PBM Therapy Restore Hyper-wellness

Effects of Photobiomodulation Therapy on Oxidative Stress in Muscle Injury Animal Models: A Systematic Review

“Although the small number of studies limits conclusions, the current literature indicates that photobiomodulation therapy can be an effective short-term approach to reduce oxidative stress markers. Evidence was found to suggest que PBMT is an effective short-term approach for reducing oxidative stress in muscle injury.”   Read More 

Stretch Base Hyper-Wellness

Effect of stretching-based rehabilitation on pain, flexibility and muscle strength in dancers with hamstring injury: a single-blind, prospective, randomized clinical trial.

“This rehabilitation program effectively decreases pain and increases flexibility and strength in patients with hamstring injury. The data indicate that a stretching-based rehabilitation program can help promote functional recovery from hamstring injury.”   Read More