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Decrease inflammation, optimize your sleep, boost energy and defy the signs of aging. No matter what your “do more” goal, Restore Hyper Wellness is here to support you every step of the way. Get guidance from our experts, inform your path forward with data, and access the most cutting-edge modalities in wellness. Create your customized plan today and get ready to meet the best version of you.

Optimize sleep, relieve pain and swelling, decrease stress, boost mood and energy, heal and slim, cheat aging.

Hydration, energy, focus, complexion, nourishment.

Recharge, recover, repair, reclaim your cognitive edge.

Boost healing, optimize sleep, relieve pain and inflammation, improve mood, regain cognitive edge, defy signs of aging.

Healing, detoxification, circulation, relief from minor pain and swelling, improved range of motion.

Mobility, injury prevention, flexibility, tissue repair, pain relief.

Healing, energy, focus, detoxification, relaxation, relief from pain and inflammation, cardiovascular health, metabolism, improved sleep.

Improve skin health, upgrade your complexion, improve tightness and texture, reduce appearance of body fat and cellulite.

Boost skin clarity, firmness and texture, clarifies and brightens complexion.

Replace the ruddy look associated with acne, rosacea, and telangiectasia, resulting in a brighter complexion.

Test your food sensitivities, micronutrient levels, and body’s resilience to stressors.

Repair & protect cells, fight signs of aging, reduce risk of illness, boost cognitive function and energy.


#1 Hottest Franchise in America Inc. 5000


Awarded Best Workplace in Texas 2021


Awarded Best in Business in Inc.’s 2020 Wellness Category


Fastest-Growing Private Company in Texas


#1 Miscellaneous Personal-Care Business


Fastest-Growing Private Company in America

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