Biomarker Assessments

The Biomarker Assessments evaluate your blood for insufficiencies and/or genetic markers that would indicate fault in your body’s process to utilize nourishment. Knowing this data helps us to measure your progress and even create customized plans that help you optimize your health through a range of modalities in the most efficient way possible.


Micronutrient + Antioxidant Assessment

Evaluates 52 nutritional components in your body and measures your total antioxidant capacity. A crucial step in optimizing health.

Insufficient levels of micronutrients can have drastic effects on the way you feel. Our Micronutrient & Antioxidant Assessment looks at 52 micronutrients, amino acids, and 48 antioxidant levels, providing you with a clear picture of intracellular health. We’ll also evaluate your Redox Score (the strength of your body’s defense system in fighting oxidative stress) so we know what antioxidants would be most effective at boosting your body’s defense system and ability to fight off damage.


MethylDetox Assessment

Our DNA is one of the most measurable elements of how unique we are. This insightful test can evaluate your DNA for possible mutations that  may be affecting the way your body overcompensates or under compensates in essential bodily functions.

Detects mutations on 5 genes within the Methylation Detoxification cycle:
MTHFR – initiates methylation
MTR – Maintains amino acid balance
MTRR – Processes proteins
COMT – Restores balance
AHCY – Maintainer of optimal methylation


Food Sensitivity Assessment

Gut health affects a variety of crucial processes throughout your body, affecting everything from metabolism to mood, energy and mental clarity. This assessment evaluates 150-250 food, herb and chemical reactions that could lead to inflammation in your body by measuring the response of your white blood cells. So you can get clear and detailed guidance on what elements of your diet could be eliminated to help you look and feel your best.

Why Test?

Micronutrients play a critical role in your overall health. These essential molecules are involved in thousands of biological processes, including:

  • Energy Production
  • Immunity
  • Brain Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Endurance
  • Metabolism

Energy Production

Cardiovascular Health



Brain Health



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