Ultimate Guide to IV Therapy

For readers who want to learn what IV therapy is and how it works.

Typically, when a person thinks about an IV, it is associated with a visit to the hospital. An IV – intravenous therapy – delivers liquid directly to a vein. The liquid could be simply fluid, or pain medicine, like morphine.

If you’ve ever had a surgery or needed to go to the emergency room, it’s pretty likely that you’ve encountered an IV. Even if you’ve never had one, you’ve probably seen at least one movie where a character dramatically wakes up in a hospital bed and rips their IV out of their home in a hurried shock. (Which is totally unrealistic and something you should never do.) IVs are staples in the medical field.


However, IV Therapy has had a surge of popularity in recent years. Independent clinics and companies that come directly to your house with IVs rich in vitamins and nutrients have started to become the go-to for a brutal hangover cure or a quick vitamin fix. But what exactly is IV therapy, is it safe, and is it for you?

How Does an IV Actually Work?

It sounds straightforward in theory, but it’s always a good idea to fully understand what you’re spending money on and how it will affect your body before booking a session.

There’s no getting around the fact that IV therapy involves a needle. A small catheter and tubing are attached to a place on your arm where your vein is easily accessible, thus pumping the vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Depending on what you want to pinpoint – whether it be dehydration, energy, a hangover, beauty, or weight loss, IV therapy can be tailored to your individual needs. This is likely why IV therapy has become so popular — it can help with whatever you’re struggling with.

Usually, before having an IV therapy session, a doctor will consult with the patient to find out what type of IV blend is best. They will decide, based on the patient’s symptoms, which vitamins and minerals should be administered to the patient in order for a person to see desired results.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take?

During an IV therapy session, the vitamins and nutrients will slowly drip from the bag into the IV line and enter your bloodstream. Sessions can last from about 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of therapy you’ve chosen. It varies from person to person, based on their needs and plan.

Places also offer “IV Therapy Parties” for when you and your friends all want to experience an IV therapy session. What’s more perfect than hanging out with your friends and replenishing your nutrients? It’s also incredibly convenient. You can literally boost your immune system, hydrate yourself and get glowing skin right in your living room, with your friends and family all around you. It’s no wonder why IV therapy is so popular amongst high-profile celebrities. They don’t have to risk being recognized in public – instead, they can have their nutrients and minerals delivered directly to their home. Modern medicine, right?

Does IV Therapy Really Help Hangovers?

Hangovers can be brutal. Nobody likes waking up and feeling as if a truck has hit you squarely in the face. They can be disorienting, debilitating, and just downright annoying.

Over the years, there have been tons of hangover cures that people swear by. Whether it’s a Bloody Mary, some greasy food, or a glass of water and an aspirin, everyone is always trying to find the quickest way to soothe that post-drinking throbbing head.

IV therapy is a quick-fix for a hangover. Because we are so incredibly dehydrated when we’re hungover, pumping fluid and vitamins directly into our bloodstreams helps us along the path to hydration. A lot of IV blends that are made specifically to help with hangovers include lots of water, as well as vitamins that will help replenish electrolytes and flush toxins out of the liver. The relief is a lot faster than drinking a bottle of water and taking aspirin. Swallowing a pill for your hangover won’t be as quick since they’re not completely absorbed by your gastrointestinal tract.

What’s in a Myers Cocktail?

There are many different IV therapy infusions, each with its own concoction that targets a specific area. There are IV therapy packages that have “beauty” or “radiant” in the title, and then there are all of the packages that help with post-partying and hangovers. It’s fun and interesting to scroll through a website and check out all of the various packages they offer. There’s truly an IV therapy for almost anything you may need.

Chances are if you’ve been researching IV therapy, you’ve seen the “Myers Cocktail” pop up on several sites. The famous Myers cocktail infusion was created by physician Dr. John Myers in the ‘60s. The Myers cocktail is thought to be incredibly beneficial across a broad range of conditions. The cocktail is made up of magnesium, calcium, B-vitamins and Vitamin C.

The Myers cocktail has been administered to people who suffer from migraines, have asthma attacks, fatigue, fibromyalgia, low immune systems, and even depression/anxiety, among other issues.

Many places that offer IV therapy offer the Myers cocktail or a version of it.

Does IV Therapy Really Work and is it Beneficial?

The question behind every new procedure is always, “Okay…but does it actually work? Is it worth it?”

It’s a legitimate question since something like IV therapy involves putting things into your body and isn’t something you can shell out spare change to receive. Why would anyone want to invest money and time into something that doesn’t work?

Here’s the thing: roughly 75% of Americans are constantly dehydrated. A lot of people go through the day and don’t drink as much water as they should – instead, filling up on sugary beverages and caffeine. Despite being told in health class that it’s important to drink water every day, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. We know the benefits of water, but that doesn’t mean we’re always drinking those eight glasses we’re supposed to. Besides … sometimes coffee is just necessary.

IV therapy can help hydrate you, as well as replenish nutrients you’re low on. In addition to the widespread dehydration in our society, there are also quite a number of people who have vitamin deficiencies. Correcting this through IV therapy is effective and immediate.

According to the Mitchell Medical Group, IV therapy can treat a wide range of issues, such as weight loss issues, migraines, chronic depression, sinusitis, bronchitis, fibromyalgia, and various respiratory problems.

Is IV Therapy Safe?

Any medical procedure has risks, but IV therapy is safe and minimally invasive. Most people can tolerate IV therapy well and have little to no side effects or complications. It’s also important that you’re thorough and honest in your pre-IV therapy evaluation. This will help the medical team that administers the nutrients become aware of any potential risks or complications. Every session should be under the careful watch of a medical professional.

The most common side effect is bruising or irritated skin at the place of injection, where the needle pricks your skin. It’s also a good idea to start on a lower dosage of vitamins and work your way up, just to avoid any potential discomfort or reactions.

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost?

It’s always good to know how much money you’ll be shelling out before making an appointment for an IV therapy session. Costs vary, depending on what type of vitamin therapy you are going to have administered.

Typically, IV therapy will not be covered by insurance, so you’re going to be paying out of pocket. Prices typically range from around $100—$250 per session.

How Often Can You Get IV Therapy?

The frequency of IV therapy sessions vary from customer to customer. The consultation and pre-evaluation with the medical professional at any IV therapy location can help determine how often you should be getting IV therapy. It’s valuable to consult with your primary care doctor to determine if IV therapy is something that sounds right for you.

Whether you’re looking for a hangover fix after a debaucherous night of partying, or a way to hydrate and replenish your nutrients, IV therapy is easy, accessible, and can be tailored to exactly what you need. It’s medical convenience at its finest.


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